Almost Famous RSW Mandolin For Sale

This is a really great completely “handmade/hand carved” mandolin.  It has volume to spare, a great woody tone, and is very easy on the fingers.  You will love this mandolin if you are the lucky winner of this auction.  It features Adirondack “red spruce” top (like the prewar great instruments had).  Curly red Maple back, sides, and neck. A five piece laminated neck for extreme rigidity.  It has a solid brass “Allen style” tailpiece which helps provide great sustain.  The tuning keys are Grover and they turn in the standard direction (NOT backwards like some).  It comes with a “fitted” hardshell case.  FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states and $50 off the cost of shipping to any point on the globe.

Acroprint Time Clock

This time clock is virtually new.  I bought it as new “old stock” still in the box at the time.  I comes complete with instructions and keys.  I only used it 2 or 3 months and then decided to replace it with a silent model.  I produce videos next to where I need the clock located so the sound is distracting in the video.  Otherwise it is a great time clock works perfectly.  I will add $25 to ship it within the lower 48 states.  I can ship it elsewhere, but shipping will be on an actual cost basis. outside of the lower 48 states.

NOTE: In order to bid, you must first register by clicking the Registration Tab at the top of the page.  You will get a confirmation email.

CD/DVD Duplicator Makes 9 Copies of the Master

ProDuplicator CD/DVD copier.  I have only used this tower to copy CDs.   The current model is selling for $395 on Ebay. I did test the DVD copy to be sure it works.  It was slow, but seemed to work ok.  I have owned this unit since new approximately 10 years ago.  It works flawlessly.  I have probably made about 1,500 cds with it over the years.  When not in use (which was the vast majority of the time) it was powered off.  For it’s age, it has been used very lightly.  I stand behind it as being a good unit.  The firmware could probably use updating.  I have never had any issues, so I have never bothered with it.  All you need to do to use it is plug it in, insert a master in the top slot, and up to 9 blank cds in the remaining slots.  I believe it can make 10 copies by using an image on the internal drive or by connecting it to a PC.  I have never tried that. for more information.

Like New! 2005 Rosa F-5 Style Mandolin

This mandolin is being sold to help an elderly couple.  They are both in assisted living facilities.  The mandolin is being sold to help cover some of their costs.

I am attempting to auction off the mandolin and will accept no commission on the sale.  I will go over the mandolin with a fine tooth comb to be sure it is in like new condition.  If upon inspection the mandolin does not live up to the claim of “like new”, the auction will be canceled and the buyer will be released from the bid.