The RSW Side Bender Videos, Parts List, and Wiring Diagram

Here are a few videos that deal with building and wiring the RSW Side Bender:

The following video deals with physically building the bender:

The second video provides a bit more detail on building with a cheap alternative to wiring in the PID controller:

This final video goes into detail on wiring the PID controller and other parts:

Click the link below (near the bottom) to see a wiring diagram for my side bender.  

Parts List: 

NOTE: You can use the same and similar components as noted below for building my fret board removal tool as well.

The PID controller, solid state relay, and thermocouple were purchased on eBay as a kit.  Here is a link to those components: )

The cartridge heaters for both the Side Bender and the Fret Board Removal Tool were both purchased from McMaster-Carr.  Here is a link to the “specific page”

(you will need to scroll down the page quite a bit to find these)

For the Side Bender I used PN: 3618K315 (5″ with standard wiring no armor shield)

For the Fretboard removal tool (Not shown here), I used PN:  8222T155 (3″ with armored shield, this shield is necessary so that the wires don’t break where they exit the heater)

NOTE:  The following diagram was provided by a viewer and sent to me.  I have NOT verified its accuracy.  I make no warranty and I am not responsible if you choose to use this diagram and incur problems, damage, or loss.