Thickness Sander Parts

Assuming you have purchased my plans to build the RSW Homemade Thickness Sander,  (listed on the “SHOPPING” page) you may be able to use some of these products as parts rather than building them from scratch.  Some of the parts will work without modification.  Others may need some additional fabrication work.  So BUYER BEWARE!

This Aluminum bar stock comes in two pieces that are 8″ long by 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ square.  Quite a bit more that you need for building part #12 the “Height Adjustment Lock Block” for thesander.

This steel plate can be used to make part #2 the required two “Uprights”. It will need to be cut into two pieces at a minimum or  you can make two cuts and get the exact dimensions of the part.

This aluminum plate has the exact footprint required to make the base, (part #1) of the sander.  I believe it should work however, it should be noted that this plate is only 1/2″ thick and the plans call for 3/4″ thick.  So some minor modifications may need to be made.  e.g., counter sinking socket head cap screws.

I am certain that these pillow block bearings will work for part #8.  However, I am not certain of the bolt hole size.  The plans call for 5/8″ bolts.  To be clear, that is the size of the bolts on the original sander.  Buyer should be aware that this may require smaller bolts.  Otherwise it should work just fine.

This is the closest match to the pulley I used on the original sander.  So this should work for part #9.

This part is most likely the “least likely” to work of all the parts I have listed on this page.  The reason for my stating it in this way is that is disc is only 1/4″ thick.  The plans call for 3/4″ thick Table part #3.  It is also only 9″ in diameter.  The plans call for 10″ diameter.  To be clear, the original sander was built with a 3/4″ thick table but was only 9″ diameter .  So once again, buyer must decide if they think it will do the job.  I personally think it will as the sander is only designed for light work.

You will only need one of these Height Adjustment Lock Screws to use for part #13 off the sander build.  However, the price is economical and it never hurts to have spare parts.