RETIRED (No longer accepting repair work)

I can honestly say that in the nearly 40 years I have been doing instrument repair, I have never had one come in the shop that I couldn’t fix.  Conversely, when the instrument is going to cost more to fix than it is worth, I will certainly let you know.  To see my work in action check out my YouTube Channel here:   RSW YouTube

So if you have “grandpa’s old fiddle” lying around in the attic, its time to bring it back to life!

Here are the “before” shots of the fiddle in the picture above:

Fiddle top repaired with hot glue gun
Hot glue guns are really never a good option for repairing instruments. You can see in the photo at the top, all hot glue was removed.
Underneath side of the top
As you can see, a few extra braces were added in 1963.  Obviously This repair was done by an amateur.

Repairs are based on a straight hourly fee plus parts and shipping.   Our turn around time can vary greatly depending on the job.   Satisfaction is guaranteed.

NOTE:  I am presently only taking instruments for repair that the owner/representative carries through the door.  No shipped in instruments for the time being.

Therefore, there are only 2 options if you want me to work on your instrument.

Option 1:  If you carry the instrument to me, I will accept it and place it in line awaiting its turn in the rotation.  Instruments can wait weeks or even months sometimes before I can look at them.  This service bills at $100 per hour.

Option 2:  Immediate service while you wait.  We have a rental retreat located here on Valley Springs Ranch.  If you book a minimum of 1 nights stay, I will fix your instrument while you are here and you can  take it back home with you.  The hourly rate for this service is $125 per hour.  Obviously this cannot include full restorations requiring refinishing etc.

See the Contact page if you require further information.