Guitar Nashville Number System Training


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RSW Guitar Nashville Number System Method

Music will “finally” make sense.

To get the most out of this training, you should already know how to make these chords on your guitar.  A, Am, B, C, D, E, Em, F, G (you could easily substitute A7 or B7 for the A or B)

TO BE CLEAR:  This training is teaching you how to think and play using the Nashville Number System with my “thought” process.  It is NOT geared toward an absolute beginner but, a beginner may very well benefit from this training as well.

I Recommend that you HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE TO DOWNLOAD THIS TRAINING.  It is good practice to stop other network activity during the download, e.g.,  Netflix, etc.

After purchase, you will receive 2 emails.  (NOTE:  Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see the emails right away.)  One as a receipt of payment and the other with a link which will let you download the training.

THANK YOU!  Happy pickin’

NOTE: The training is proprietary and MAY NOT BE SHARED outside of the household from which it was purchased.