NOTE:  Due to ever increasing hand pain, I am no longer taking custom orders.

“The Rosa” is equivalent to the very best mandolin made anywhere in the world today.  I was fortunate to disassemble and repair a 1924 Lloyd Loar mandolin considered by most to be one of the finest examples of his work.   Today my mandolins are built as closely as possible to the specs of that 1924 Loar.  I literally carve them to within .001 of an inch of those specs. both inside and out.

I use the very highest quality materials including but not limited to the following:

  • Hand selected highly flamed Red Maple, back, sides, neck and peghead
  • Hand selected tight grained Red “Adirondack” Spruce for the top
  • Waverly gold tuning keys
  • Gold “James” tailpiece engraved with “The Rosa”
  • Hard shell oblong case
  • Ebony fretboard, peghead overlay, and gold trimmed bridge base
  • Deer antler saddle (bridge top) and string nut
  • Hand carved rose on the back heel plate
  • Abalone dot position markers
  • “The Rosa” and a “Rose” are hand cut from Mother of Pearl, and Abalone.  Then inlaid in the peghead
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer gloss finish is standard


  • Custom coloring to your satisfaction
  • Oil varnish (in place of nitrocellulose lacquer)
  • Custom inlay on the fretboard
  • Radiused fretboard, nut, and saddle
  • Large frets

If you are interested please contact us for details.