Rosa Mandolin Method

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Rosa Mandolin Method Training 

Featuring The Nashville Number System

Music will “finally” make sense.

This training is geared toward a beginner and/or  intermediate player.  Though even experienced players will learn some new insights into playing the mandolin.

This is a LARGE download.  It is best to use HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE TO DOWNLOAD THIS TRAINING.  Be patient even with high speed, it may take a while.  (Approx 45 mins @ 20mbs)  It is good practice to stop other network activity during the download, e.g.,  Netflix, etc.

After purchase, you will receive 2 emails.  (NOTE:  Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see the emails right away.)  One as a receipt of payment and the other with a link which will let you download the training.  You have 1 hour in which to start the download.

THANK YOU!  Happy pickin’

NOTE: The training is proprietary and MAY NOT BE SHARED outside of the household from which it was purchased.