RSW CD – It’s In The Wind


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This is a “real” CD and will be delivered via US mail.

This CD contains 13 original tunes, 12 of which were written by Jerry L. Rosa Sr.  The other song (Sweet Melina) was written by an unknown friend of a friend.    The songs in order are:  1. Its In The Wind,  2. D-Day Revisited,  3. Father Of Bluegrass,  4. Sweet Melinda,  5. Phantom 614,  6. Vine Covered Church,  7. If I Could Drive Through Your Mind,  8. My Last Words On Earth,  9. Awakened By A Dream, 10. Just Over The Hill,  11. Dirt Farmer,  12. Crown Of Thorns,  13. Grandpa’s Old Fiddle

Recorded at Music Masters Studio, St. Louis, MO  November 1994