RSW Mandolin Method

There are 2 Options for purchasing the Rosa Mandolin Method training  featuring the Nashville Number System:  Click HERE to get information on purchasing it in DOWNLOAD form. – OR- You can purchase a 3 DVD hard copy below:

This is a 3 DVD set with more than 3 hours of continuous information.  You would probably have to take at least 12 full hours of face to face instruction to learn what is contained in this set.

Music will “finally” make sense.

No complicated theories to learn, NO SCALES to memorize.  I simply use the Nashville Number System to explain everything you need to know about chording and playing the mandolin.

This is guaranteed to be the easiest way you can learn to play the mandolin.

Only $50.00  

Plus $5.00 shipping and applicable tax (MO residents only)

NOTE:  Please DO NOT order twice. The order will generally go through even when you don’t get a positive message.  If in doubt, please email questions to:

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