Instrument Setup Service


For a $60 dollar fee, I will adjust your action, set your intonation, and check for any buzzes.  I will also get rid of any sharp corners  e.g. at the nut or bridge.  In short, I will make sure your NEW instrument is setup to sound and play its very best.

NOTE: While I have your instrument, and if so desired, I can do other more extensive work for additional cost.  e.g. change out plastic saddles and nuts to antler.

Two options:  You can order any new stringed instrument (mandolin, violin, guitar, banjo, etc.) and have it shipped directly to me.  Or, I will order the instrument for you.  With the second option,  I will need your payment first, and a small credit card fee will be charged (since they will charge me).

If you are on a tight budget, I recommend the following mandolins for beginners: Rogue Mandolins

Your instrument will be shipped back to you at cost.  For planning purposes, mandolins generally cost about $40 for shipping while guitars generally cost about $60 for shipping.  Obviously insurance and special handling services will add to the cost if so desired.

If you would like to take advantage of this service send an email to:

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